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Anyone looking for a TD-8 module?

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  • Anyone looking for a TD-8 module?

    This ebay seller has a cobbled together setup including a TD-8 module, and 2 CY-12R/C cymbals, plus a rack & some pads.

    22 hours left and it's only at $335 so far. I'd be all over this if I had the money. I thought somebody here might find it worth watching...


    Sabre's Album

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    Wow, Daddy's is selling a lot of untested and "project" equipment via eBay. I'd be wary of buying an untested electronic item listed with no return and no warranty. It's particularly odd since Daddy's usually gives 30 day returned and trade-ups. And since they're a music store chain there's no reason they shouldn't be able to test equipment such as Roland e-drums.