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Roland HD-1 for sale

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  • Roland HD-1 for sale

    Edited: I just reduced the price on this.

    I have a 6 mo. old Roland HD-1 for sale in great condition -- $595 OBO

    I don't know if anyone on here would be interested in this kit, but I found it to be a great kit for playing in the corner of my bedroom whenever the mood hit me, without disturbing anyone (this is the quietest kit I've ever played, and of course has the great Roland sounds and dynamics). And this kit helped me focus on being efficient in my movements. I actually set up my acoustic kit differently because of the discipline I learned playing this kit -- the more efficient you are with your movement, I believe the less strain and more effectively you can play. Why have I had to reach for things so far apart before on my kit?!

    Anyway, I recently upgraded to a TD-9 kit so I no longer need this. However, something that I think that's unique is this kit has velocity switching voices, so when you ride the cymbal for example (those are CY-5s all the way around) and hit it harder, the sound changes to a bell sound. I liked that a lot. That's true for the pads as well, changing to completely different voices on some kits based on velocity. Also, the kit has MIDI out so you could connect additional sound modules to this if you wanted -- giving you the quietest pads and potentially unlimited voices.

    This kit cost me $799 on Musician's Friend (retails for $999 if anyone cares) and it's in basically new condition. I did change the snare out for a PD-8 as you can see in the picture.

    If anyone is interested or knows of anyone who might want this, let me know!

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