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Buttkicker Gamer

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  • Buttkicker Gamer

    I bought this brand new 1 week ago. It has 1 hour of use on it only.

    I will provide the reciept so the warranty should not be an issue.

    I would prefer to ship it in Canada, but will ship to the US.

    I would like $75 for it but I am open to trades for VDrum parts.

    I realize I am new here so if the interested party is someone who has been here a while, I will ship first and wait for payment.
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    For those (like me) who didn't know what a 'Buttkicker Gamer' was...

    Sabre's Album


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      Where in Canada are you
      Current E-Rig:Roland TD-20K /w Roland CY-8, Roland KD-8 & Roland SPD-S
      AMP: Mackie SRM450 V2

      Current Acoustic Rig:5 piece Pearl Export Series, a bunch of Sabian Cymbals.


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        Sabre - thank you, sorry , I should have thought of that
        Spyder - I am in Kamloops BC, the $75 includes the shipping if it is a reasonable price.
        I would rather it go to somone who wants it, if I can't sell it I will give it away locally.


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            i'm curious what you thought of this? i have heard mixed reviews


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              gamer is nice

              IMO - the gamer is a nice unit. Same tactile shaker unit as the Pro Concert mini - same amp they sell for all the mini buttkickers. Main difference is the way the tactile shaker unit mounts. The Mini concerts have a pre cast mount directly on the case of the shaker unit. This is what makes it superior to the gamer unit for e-drumming. You can mount it horizontally. The gamer can only be mounted vertically with the shaft mount.

              If you can figure a way to mount it directly to your throne's seat bottom (not the seat shaft), it will work awesome for e-drums. Mounting to the shaft will not produce the same effect, as the shaft deadens the vibrations substantially. The buttkicker has to be rubber isolated from the seat bottom so it vibrates freely and naturally. Tightening it up snug to the seat bottom will cause it to distort unnaturally and it will certainly overheat. The amp will overheat as well and probably burn out. You can get Kinetics isolators (R128's) for around $2-3 a piece online.

              Remember not to push (overdrive) the shaker unit, the amp has a clipping indicator and you need to be below this range of clipping. Also, always make all your connections, then turn the amp on. Use the supplied feet for the amp and use it vertically, not horizontally. This will allow the amp to cool more efficiently.

              Good luck.



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                I liked it a lot, unfortunately, my neighbour has ears more sensitive than a 15 year old boy in the bathroom...if I could I would use it all the time.


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                  gamer - definitely buy this!

                  Not trying to kill your sale "davewells" or anything like that..... just want the buyer to have the info on how to alternatively mount it..... to really produce the result one desires.....

                  Maybe the shaft mount can butt up against the seat bottom................mmm - there's the answer. I think I figured it out. Rock on!

                  Whoever buys this - email me for pointers on the amp set up....I've used buttkickers on E drums for the last 7 years! I can get you going quickly.

                  [email protected]


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                    No problem. I appreciate the advice and would not want to give anyone the wrong idea about this unit.
                    You are corect though, you can push it far enough up the throne to get it close to the seat.
                    Do you know of a way that I could use it (even quietly) so as to avoid my neighbour?


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                      I'm in...how do I buy this?

                      I've been thinking about getting one of these, and this sounds like the chance. Let's do this. How do I get in contact and work out the details? I'm in the US, though.



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                        Still for sale. Prefer to ship to Canada but will ship to the US


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                          Buttkicker gamer

                          Hi Dave,
                          I live in Vancouver BC. Still selling the buttkicker? I am very interested.