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FS: Brand New TD-6

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  • FS: Brand New TD-6

    I bought a V-Club set a month ago, and I just acquired a Roland TD-10 two weeks ago. In order to be able to upgrade it to the TDW-1 (and to recoup some of the cash spent on the TD-10!) I'm selling my TD-6.

    It's in mint condition, it was used for a total of roughly eight hours while first finding my way around my V-Club set. It's a fantastic, well-refined drum brain, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to upgrade to a TD-10.

    I'm asking $350 plus shipping, or best offer. I'm in the U.S. but will ship anywhere in the world at your expense. Next stop is EBay, but I wanted to give people here a crack at it first.

    kit pr0n.

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    hi i am interested

    hey tony, i am interested. do you have any pictures? I would buy it for $300.00 shipped right now if i had some assurance about it- i have dealt on the internet alot and have gotten burned a few times so.... if you could send a pic that would be great or your phone number and we can talk about it. What do you think about $300.00?- i am heading out on the road in a few minutes, but i will be checking email about every other day or you can call me at (615)243-1495- thanx- talk to you soon
    Steven Sandifer
    [email protected]
    ps- where are you located?


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      He is in Exton, PA