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pintech tom

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  • pintech tom

    10" pintech tom. Not the mesh head version. looking for $45 plus shipping. will get pix if needed. need to sell.
    Last edited by Rifleman WI; 07-30-08, 09:46 PM.

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    i may be interested in your tom

    i have a pintech set right now with 1 snare 3 toms

    id like to have a 4th tom..im really interested in getting it do u have a picture

    i have the mesh heads though...which heads do u have since u dont have the mesh mylar?

    I know all u have to do is buy a mesh head though if u do not have it...

    is this a single zone or dual zone tom?


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      its a single zone, it has an evens head on it right now. its not like the other concertcasts, the trigger is encased in a big foam sandwich, But Brain from hope drums can install the never version trigger for $20 and it will be just like the ST's when you add the mesh head. heres the link to it, i just bought it from this guy, buy its not what i was looking for. let me know what you think. Drum


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        to the top.


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          up up up trade for a yamaha dd 20


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            up up up make offer


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