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FS: SPD-S + 2 x 512M memory card

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  • FS: SPD-S + 2 x 512M memory card

    This unit has only been used a few times at home. I purchased it 4 months ago (receipt is included in the box). I also have a 512M CF card in it. I will include a second one, along with a MIDI cable and 1/4" TRS cable. Price is $375 + $20 shipping to the lower 48.

    This is a nice unit, but I don't play out really and it's more of a novelty for me. I also just purchased Yankee tix for the last game at Yankee stadium and need to pay for them I accept Paypal only and will only shipped to a confirmed Paypal address.



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    Glad I'm not forced to make that decision! I dunno which one I love more, the Yankees or my SPD-S. Have fun at the game. I'd love to be there!


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      This item is sold.




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        Well after selling this the person returned it because it was not what they expected. They thought it was more like a regular drum pad. So this is once again for sale.



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          I am interested if it hasn't sold again.

          Any chance you also have a rackmount for it?
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