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Selling My Roland VDrum Pro Kit (TD-10)

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  • Selling My Roland VDrum Pro Kit (TD-10)

    Hello all -

    If anyone is interested, I'm selling my Roland VDrum Pro Kit. It has a TD-10 module and is in MINT condition. I can promise there is none in better shape because it has remained in the same spot in my home since I set it up a few years ago and has probably been treated better than my wife!

    For more details, check out the following:


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    TD-10 Kit

    Any suggestions on how to price my kit?



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      I just bougt a mint kit that had hardly any hours on it for $1800. It had the expanded module (TD10-E) and the CY14s and CY15 upgrade. They normally hover around $1800 to $2000.


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        We'll if anyone is interested, make me an offer. I can promise it is in as fine a shape as possible since it has never been moved and I only used it for occasional practice at home. The kit includes:

        Besides all cabling, clamps, and cymbal mounts, the following are included:

        (1) - TD-10 Drum Module (the "Brain")
        (3) - PD Mesh 120 V Pads (snare, two floor toms)
        (2) - PD Mesh 100 V Pads (two mounted toms)
        (1) - FD 7 Hi-hat controller (pedal)
        (1) - KD 7 Kick Drum pad
        (3) - PD 9 Cymbal pads
        (1) - PD 7 Cymbal pad (used for hi-hat)
        (1) - Roland VPro Stand/Rack (MDS10)