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Trade? HOSA Splitters (TD-8) for HOSA Cable - See inside

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  • Trade? HOSA Splitters (TD-8) for HOSA Cable - See inside

    I have 2 HOSA YPP-117 splitters, one still in box and the other barely used that I'd like to trade for a single 10' standard TRS cable (example HOSA CSR-110). I purchased both from Sweetwater in April. The cable I am looking for is the one that has a right angle plug on one end.

    US-only. Straight trade and we each cover our own shipping.

    In case you are wondering what this cable is, it allows you to split the auxillary and kick drum ports on a TD-8 for 2 extra single trigger pads. Great for expanding your kit. These are just gathering dust so I'm hopeful someone has the 10' doing the same that I can put to use.

    I do good dealings like this (here, The Gear Page and eBay...all same handle), so please only come forward if you do the same. Thanks.
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