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Roland CY15R

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  • Roland CY15R

    I have an extra Roland CY-15R/C. $200 plus shipping

    I will also consider trades on a cy5 and/or cy8 plus cash. I was going to use this as a china/crash but it is overkill for that.


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    You have a PM


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      Replied to all PMs


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        Trade pending.


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            I am sorry you feel slighted, but you stated in your PM you were looking at mine and another one on eBay. I PMed you this morning just prior to 7am that I would meet you and send you pictures if you wanted the cymbal. I was contacted by another member who wanted the cymbal a little after 10. I checked to see if you had logged onto the forum. If you would have not been logged on since me sending the PM, I would have held it for you unitl you had a chance to reply. However, you HAD been on the forum several times since getting the PM yet you chose not to reply to the PM. I assumed you were not interested and went with the eBay one. I cannot read minds so I let the cymbal go to someone else.

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