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FS: Another Great Tama Starclassic KIT!!!!

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  • FS: Another Great Tama Starclassic KIT!!!!

    Wow seems like everyone is getting rid of their acoustic and getting an Eset. Well I have a Tama starclassic performer 5pcs kit for sale. I bought it sometime during 2001 or 2002 can't remember exactly =p and played lightly and when it's not played was just stored in a bag( yes I do have the bag!! and it comes with the kit! ). It's a jazz style kit, can't even remember what sizes they are exactly, if I'm correct, they are all birch 9, 10, 12(floor) 14" snare, 16" bass (you could see the serial number in picture maybe you could figure out more about it with that). Well it is a jazz kit, so it's smaller than regular drumsets but it's got loud and clear sounds that any other starclassics have. It's just the shell pack(double tom arm, floor tom legs) plus the matching snare and the gig bags. It's 750 USD firm for everything plus shipping, or if paypal fee for 700 is cheaper than 50, than 700 plus the paypal fee. It's a nice kit and you get a set of gig bags, it's a nice deal and since it's a smaller kit probably you will save some money on shipping too. It's a rare, hard to find kit. I thought I should post it up here before it goes on ebay. So if anyone is interested just send me an email to [email protected] or just post a quick reply.(don't check my pm box often so reply)
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    my mistake, it's 14" floor tom and I think the bass is 18"


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      Sent ya a PM!