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Possible scam warning

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  • Possible scam warning

    Hi everyone.

    I have been purchasing several items lately to complete my drum kit (some from here, some from ebay) and today I think I may have been targeted for a scam.

    It could be just a huge miscommunication, but I thought I would post a warning to everyone and I will update this as it pans out.

    I bough a CY14-C on ebay here http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...MEWA:IT&ih=011

    I sent payment immediately after winning just like I always do.

    Today (several days later) I get an email from [email protected] saying he is the seller, he hasn't received my payment, and I need to send him payment immediately.

    I replied to him and explained that I have already sent payment and included the paypal tracking #. I also check paypal and the payment has already been received.

    I log into ebay and see that the seller has shipped the item and has sent me the tracking #, so I reply and ask if he has also contacted me using the email address [email protected].

    I have not received any replies yet, but was someone trying to pretend to be the seller and collect from me?

    I'll update this thread as it progresses but in the meantime please be cautious if this happens to you.

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    Some "sellers" are actually small retailers or businesses...

    Maybe there's 2-3 different people that use that seller account and didn't realize payment was received already???

    Document all your actions through Paypal...emails, phone calls made, reps you spoke to etc just in case.

    Let us know what turns up!

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      That is a scam for sure, don't send anymore payments. These scammers look at completed auctions then send you emails saying that they have not received your payment and then want you to send it to a different account. Notify Ebay and attach the email you received.
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        I agree with Sizzle that it sounds like a scam and you should forward the original email to [email protected].


        Regards, JD...
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          I just reread my post... didn't mean to discount the very real possiblity of it being a scam!

          -just make sure your butt is covered as far as your followup.

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            I heard in the past that people were hijacking accounts and are doing that same thing (about not getting their payments). I would not send anything. I would contact ebay and also wait to see if the seller gets back with you.
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              Well, I've been contacted by the seller and he is not contacting me from that email address so it is a scam.

              I was also contacted again from the scammer saying he can't get paypal and I'll have to resend the money from western union.

              I have reported it to ebay, but I'm thinking about having a bit of fun with the scammer (something like "maybe paypal tried to pay you your money when you weren't home", etc).


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                I get 2 or 3 phishing emails a month posing as eBay sellers who haven't received payment. It's pretty common, although I've never had one while I was in the midst of a purchase/negotiation. I'm sure that would have thrown me for a loop too...

                Nice catch!

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