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FS: My Whole V-Drum Set Up

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  • FS: My Whole V-Drum Set Up

    See new thread.
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    Would you trade for an acoustic kit?


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      How loud are those acoustic cymbals? I am thinking about doing Acoustic cymbal conversion.

      How much are selling the kit for?
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        It's is about as loud as if you hit the drum stick on a table, but probably a tad quieter.

        I'm looking at getting $3200 which would be shipped and everything. If local, I would do it for a bit less since there would be no shipping involved.

        It really depends on the kit as far as a trade goes.


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          My kit isnt on the same "level" but if you are curious.


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            if you part out i am interested in some cymbals. pm me pricing also how loud are those cymbals


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              Bump for parting out.


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                hey are the hart cymbals made out of metal?


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                  I see you have a Roland 14" head on that snare. Can these still be purchased anywhere? If so, where?

                  What would you sell the snare for alone?
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                    I'm not sure where to get the 14" roland head from. When I bought these, it was on the snare. I'd really like to sell the whole kit, mainly because it is a matching set.

                    The Harts are the Ecymbal II so yes, they are metal and not rubber/plastic.


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                      14" Mesh head on Ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/Roland-White-14-...QQcmdZViewItem
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                        There you go. Ebay is usually a good place to find stuff.


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                          I'm selling this bad boy on eBay so I can get hosed by eBay and PayPal fees...