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UK Sale - PD125/105WT, CY-14C, MDS-20BK, TMC-6, KD-7s

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  • UK Sale - PD125/105WT, CY-14C, MDS-20BK, TMC-6, KD-7s

    EDIT: Dropped the CY14-C price! Get it while it's low!

    Ok guys, after some interest on my previous post, here's some pricing for you all:

    PD-125WT in perfect condition - couple of months from new with no damage whatsoever, never been gigged, in original box - £175

    PD-105WT in above condition - £150

    CY-14C also in perfect condition, about 6 months old, slight white marks on the top (I use Jack DeJohnettes, so they whiten things a bit more than normal sticks, but I'm pretty sure it's cleanable), in original box - £120

    MDS-20BK - In perfect condition, never been gigged (I gig with stands/my A kit), with cable snake and all mounts, can supply in original box (although it's MASSIVE) - £300

    TMC-6 - In perfect condition - only been out of it's box once as I never had a chance to set my entire kit up which would be the only time it's necessary - supplied in original box - £125

    KD-7s - pair of these up for grabs if the price is right - I can't decide whether to part with them or not as I truly love my multi-pedal playing, but downsizing my kit and still having 6 pedals seems somewhat excessive! Haha! Considering all offers here. They're in great condition, and whilst about a year old, these things NEVER break. They're the best E-kicks out there - Thomas Lang himself is with me on that statement.

    Shipping and pricing is negotiable on all of the above, depending on how nice I'm feeling (and what shipping costs turn out to be. Anything I can ship for less than £10 I will ship for free).

    As I'm looking to downsize, I might even consider offers on my TD-20 module, which as with everything else, is in immaculate condition, supplied with all mounts/manuals etc. in original box.

    Thanks for your time!
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    Bump for some price adjustment!


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        PM Sent, thanks!