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As New V-Drums TD-20 For Sale.

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  • As New V-Drums TD-20 For Sale.

    AS New Roland TD20 V-Drum Kit. I am having to sell due to a new house. These drums are in mint condition and were bought just over a year ago for 4399 from digital village. Everything is in perfect working order and condition and comes with 4 toms, snare, bass drum, high-hats, ride, 2 x crash, rack and TD 20 Module itself. These are my absolute pride and joy and have never been gigged and have sat happily in my studio since the day i bought them. I would welcome you to pop by and check out the condition of them (serious people only please). Thanks for looking 2795. I can e-mail any pics if required.

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    These have now been sold. Many thanks
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