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MyKits, MIDI percussion software released

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  • MyKits, MIDI percussion software released

    After a year of intense design, development and testing L and L’s Software Delicatessen is proud to announce the release of MyKits, the most powerful program ever created specifically for the MIDI percussionist.

    • Runs under either Windows XP or Vista
    • Full GUI editing of all parameters. No typing in values.
    • 4 independent MIDI streams giving you a total of 64 channels
    • Ability to use VSTs as well as external hardware synthesizers
    • Can use any MIDI percussion controller and can be configured to work with any number of pads, foot pedals, etc.
    • Number of kits, songs and set lists only limited by disk space
    • Context sensitive help available at all times.
    • Maps MIDI notes, note velocity and continuous controllers. Use velocity to control pan, pitch bend or any MIDI parameter!
    • A pad may trigger as many notes as you desire making it easy to setup chord progressions, melodies or massive hits.
    • Designed for performance. Songs and kits can be selected by hitting a pad. Once a set is selected you never have to use the mouse or keyboard again.
    • Very efficient use of computer resources allowing you to run more VST’s.
    • Perfect for your laptop.

    A demo version is available @ http://www.l-and-l.net which has all of the features of the registered version with the exception that you may only save and load 1 kit. The full version is available for $150.00 USD.