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Possible TD-20 scam on ebay?

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  • Possible TD-20 scam on ebay?

    Hey Guys (& Girls),

    I ran across a strange situation on Ebay today. This auction had what is advertised as a complete & new TD-20 kit with a bid of $500.00 and a buy it now price of $900.00. The seller insisted that I contact him first before bidding. I did, and he returned my email. His buy it now price for a new Roland TD-20s drum kit is $900.00. He then cancelled the auction because he said he was getting so many emails and was getting confused. This auction is supposed to be a promotional sale for a new store in Europe, but no where was the name mentioned.

    Am I the luckiest guy in the world for stumbling across this, or does this seem to raise anybody else's guard? Also, does ebay do such a security job on overseas stuff for me that I don't have to worry about getting scammed with wrong products?

    Thanks for your responses.


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    Hi Martin,

    Sorry to tell you - it's a scam.

    That guy has been posting ads for TD-20 kit since late last year - even offering international shipping at no cost.

    I sussed him out with a few emails and it's dodgy.


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      Don't be sorry. I really appreciate you responding so fast. With the auction cancelled, is there anything I can do about it with Ebay? I don't have anything except the email address he and I are in touch with, a gmail account.

      Again, thanks



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        The guy's an obvious fraud, so steer clear. With the auction canceled there ain't much you can do, except stay on top of the new auctions watching for the stone-of-a-peach to do it again, then report him.

        I used to entertain myself for a while scanning for this stuff and reporting it as much as I could. I think I was the bane of their existence for a few months last year.



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          eBay and Craigslist scam discussions are right up there with the most frequent topics on this board.

          There is a Moderator-placed sticky about this:


          And - just put "scam" in the board's search feature, and you'll see tons of discussions displayed. Some recent examples - which include what to look for, some insightful experiences, etc:









          Personally, I have a second (rarely used) eBay account that I use almost exclusively for inquiries to any auction I may have suspicions about. I also use a seldom-used separate email address and account for similar-type Craigslist inquiries. Using these keeps my regular accounts from being compromised or specifically targeted by these scammers.
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