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FS - Roland TD-20 Module/Manual/3 Vex Packs - Worldwide

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  • FS - Roland TD-20 Module/Manual/3 Vex Packs - Worldwide

    ok....I am selling my TD-20 Mod that is like brand new and works and looks flawless. I don't have the box anymore (I don't think), but the manual and cord is included and I will also include 3 sets of Vex Packs (I have to look to see which ones they are - my brain fails me this late in the day).

    I saw a thread the other day that these are not cheap to get in the UK and elsewhere. So here is your shot and I will ship anywhere, but I would need paypal payment only (we split the fees on this puppy).

    My wife and I are going on vacation and leaving Saturday for a week, so if you want to jump fast, I can get it out by the time I leave Saturday or we can work on details when I get back. I'd like to get $1575 + shipping. It may sound a little high, but it is like brand new and 3 vex packs.....

    If that's not acceptable - toss me an offer.

    It looks like any other td20, but if you seriously need to see pics, let me know that as well and what specific pics of angles etc, and I will get snapping.....(my camera is not the best, so be warned).

    we are out the door Saturday at noon!