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Ddrum4 with 5 Precision Cast Pads for sale

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  • Ddrum4 with 5 Precision Cast Pads for sale

    Hey everyone -

    I have a Ddrum4 with snare, toms, and kick pads for sale on eBay right now. I know there are a lot of Roland purists on here , but thought someone here might be interested.

    Can't hurt to have more than one e-drum kit, can it?

    Thanks gang!

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    Hey everyone -

    Just a heads-up - the ebay auction for the aforementioned ddrum kit ends in about 7 hrs. There are a few watchers, but no bidders yet on the cast pads. If you're interested, and you keep an eye out, you could steal them at a pretty great deal.

    Just thought I'd update. Thanks again, gang!



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      Last hour on the auction...

      If it doesn't sell on eBay, I'll entertain offers from anybody who might be interested.

      Just drop me a note.



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        How about posting your pics here. The eBay link has expired
        TD-20exp module/TD-10exp * VH-12 hh * Gibraltar hh stand * 4 Hart Hammers * 2-22" kicks w/Pintech triggers & Blastech mesh * 1-14" snare w/Pintech triggers & Hart mesh *2-10", 2-12" & 2-14" roto toms w/Quartz triggers & Hart mesh * 7 PCY-150 cymbals


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          Here ya go.

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