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FS: Two DIY brass cymbals

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  • FS: Two DIY brass cymbals

    I am (soon) going back to acoustic after purchasing a brand new Mapex Saturn kit, so I'm making room in my drum room!

    I am slowly but surely parting out my A to E kit, and here's two to start.

    10" DIY splash cymbal w/ 10' mono cable - $55
    18" DIY chinese cymbal w/ 10' mono cable - $115

    Both cymbals are single-zone. Done up in the traditional project box/PVC dampening/brass cymbal style. The splash is currently broke, I need to buy another jack and rewire up the piezo. If you buy, I will do this and test the cymbal before shipping it off. If you want to do fix it yourself, knock $5 off the price of the splash. The splash also doesn't have the clear vinyl "edge" tubing (I never preferred to use it on this cymbal) but I have tubing and can include it no problem.

    Both of these items were made back in January of this year, never taken outside my home. They look pretty much untouched, sans some stick marks which I can probably clean off too.

    Will ship to USA and Canada only. Buyer to pay the costs. Please PM me if interested thanks!
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    I've been drumming for 44 years. I'm 43 years old.

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    Bump, everything is for sale still.

    The China and a dual-zone crash are now up for sale on eBay.

    As a feeler, would anyone be interested in purchasing the drums? Just the shell pack only, no stands or hardware other than the tom mounts are included. The module would also not be for sale, I'm keeping that still.
    The drums use a Beatnik-style crossbar setup and they have never left my smoke-free house.
    I've been drumming for 44 years. I'm 43 years old.


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      UPDATE: Chinese cymbal was sold. Dual-zone crash up for grabs still.

      Also kit offers are welcome. Thanks!
      I've been drumming for 44 years. I'm 43 years old.