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Drum stick?

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  • Drum stick?

    What will be the good brand for the drum stick? Is there any difference between brands?

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      I LOVE the Ahead sticks. Best stick made, if you like the feel.


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        Originally posted by deus62:
        Hmmmm. Pro-Mark, Pro-Mark, Pro-Mark. My personal faves.

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        Yeah, I'm quite partial to pro-mark too. I use the 5A's alot - especially when I want to sound good. My Zildjian 5b's are my "slamming" sticks and they haven't lasted quite as long as I'd hoped for the thickness that they are. Aheads are too dang expensive for me to end up accidentally tossing off the stage. :P~~~
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          Originally posted by Jgel:
          I LOVE the Ahead sticks. Best stick made, if you like the feel.
          agreed, i've been playing drums since 1964, have never owned a pair of sticks that I was totally happy with (it is impossible for 2 wood sticks to feel the same... balance, etc.) but the Ahead sticks... finally sticks that last, especially on e's, are perfectly balanced and absorb the shock that that your bones and joints are punished with when using wood, nylon, whatever. The 30.00 price tag may seem a bit high, but I've had this one pair for three months now, not even a scratch on either stick. All of my wood sticks are gathering dust, except for the pair on the coffee table, you know, the couch beating pair. Oh, for you skeptics... no, I don't work for Ahead or a dealership, just found a product that I feel many others could benefit from using.


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            It's all subjective, but I like Vic Firths. I've played them for years on my As and never got a bad pair of sticks. I'm still using them on my Es.



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              I've used Vic Firth's for over 20 years and can say nothing but good about them.


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                Give Truline a try. They're harder to find but well worth a try. Your hands can relax more because they grip a "bulb" of wood, which guts down on slippage. Danny Carrey is their big endorser.


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                  The major brands all make good drum sticks.

                  If I were you I would make a choise between wood types (hickory, maple or oak) weigth, taper, shaft/bottom thickness, modell and tip (round, teardrop, oval) first. (ehhh Putt, you say first and mention 20 things to choose from. That's funny ...)

                  Just go to a good shop and test a few pairs.
                  Since wood is a nature product, you can't say brand X is always good and will last for years
                  As I said: a major brand will manufact good sticks but a monday morning misfit can appear in any good family.


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                    Originally posted by puttenvr
                    ...Since wood is a nature product, you can't say brand X is always good and will last for years
                    I'll say it. Vic Firths are always good. I've played them for the last 10 years, and never once did I get a bad pair of sticks. I won't say they'll last for years, though. All sticks eventually wear out, how long it takes depends on how you play.


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                      Has anyone noticed that the Ahead sticks cause you any fatigue. I replaced all my PD-9s with Pintechs and that really helped with the fatigue. I had been using th Aheads and was still feeling fatigue half way through the show. I never thought it was my sticks until my son swiped my Ahead sticks one day and I got out the old ProMarc 747s. All of the sudden, the fatigue was gone and it felt good to play again. Any thoughts??
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                        I use Vater Fusion's for rock stuff and Manhattan 7A's for jazz.

                        Vater uses very little laquer on their sticks and they have a great balance as well. If you like a natural wood feel in your stick then Vater is the way to go
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                          Real drummers don't use no sticken sticks...

                          On my Zendrum I have found that my original (though well worn and aged) 10 natural digits work better than any man-made produced product. Heck, even my nose can be used time from time.

                          As for my VDrums, I use a pair of Aquarian 5A's (synthetic plastic material) with Pro-Mark Stick wrap. Best pair of sticks I've ever used (non-fatiging, absorbs vibration, light, never wear out), even better than my old Ahead sticks (which fatigue failed on me). I don't think Aquarian marks these sticks anymore, I've got the address/phone # in my files.
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