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Customized Roland TD-3SW Kit w/ Alesis and M-Audio

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  • Customized Roland TD-3SW Kit w/ Alesis and M-Audio

    'm selling a customized Roland TD-3SW kit that is less than 6 months old. I replaced the rubber tom pads with mesh ones. Also a new smarttrigger ride. I also got rid of the TD-3 Brain in place of a Alesis Trigger I/O. Since I was just using it for midi triggering to my computer. Here's a run down of all the pieces:

    Alesis Trigger IO - (No sounds built into this. Just for midi triggering)
    M-Audio Fast Track Pro - (USB Sound Card I was using for my computer)
    Roland PDX-8 - (3 of these mesh drum triggers, both the head and rims are triggers)
    Roland CY-8 - (2 of these cymbal pads, chokeable)
    Roland CY-5 - (Hi Hat Pad)
    Roland FD-8 - (Hi hat controller)
    Roland KD-8 - (Kick Drum Pad)
    Basix Kick Pedal
    Smarttrigger 16" Triple Zone Ride - ( Can trigger the bell, bow, and shaft. Also chokeable)
    I also have some software I can include.

    Here's some pics:

    Any questions shoot me an email at [email protected]