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Yamaha Al Foster Hipgig For Sale Marine Pearl

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  • Yamaha Al Foster Hipgig For Sale Marine Pearl

    $1600 plus $150 to ship in the US.

    I have a stunning Yamaha Al Foster Hipgig drumset for sale in beautiful marine pearl finish. This kit is immaculate. For those unfamiliar, the Al Foster Hipgig is a working drummers dream come true. The snare and two toms fit inside a padded bag which fits inside the bass drum. The bass drum has latches which allow you to take off the top portion with the head intact and insert the other drums for safe travel. Then the bass drum slips into a padded bag which I have upgraded to a super rugged Protection Racket bag. The two cymbal stands, hi-hat stand, drum throne and all hardware fit in a nice padded trap bag. For setup, the toms and snare mount on the bass drum for a small footprint and greatly reduced clutter. The toms are 12" and 14". The snare is 13" and the bass drum is 18" by 22". The bass drum is slightly elongated to allow the other drums to fit inside it, but the longer shell also gives the bass a killer sound when tuned down for rock. Tune the kit up and you have a classic Bebop kit. Don't confuse this with the other Hipgig kits that have miniature drums. These are full size drums that are designed for easy transport and setup and sound great. Yamaha just stopped making this kit, and they are becoming quite scarce already. PM me if you are interested or e-mail directly at mail at griego dot org