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Need your Help - Non EXP TD10 wanted to rent

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  • Need your Help - Non EXP TD10 wanted to rent

    This is Chris from V Expressions LTD.

    I need a Non Exp TD10 to rent for about 3 months or buy it with a few payments........... I would certainly consider XP pack trades plus my cash for your module as well.............I don't need a manual, box, or a mint condition module - it just has to work without glitches.

    I have to do some updates on a few non-exp packs we currently have in archive, I don't have a non exp TD10 any longer.......

    yes, it is true - I'm gonna create 2 new packs

    1. The Master 50 series
    2. The Metal Mania Pack

    Both will be avail for the TD10 Non Exp.

    I am willing to pay $100 for the rental, plus you can have 1 XP pack of your choice for any module. Of course, the module will be returned with the full Non Exp TD10 VEX library as well.

    Contact me via email: [email protected]

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    Chris, dropped ya an e-mail