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FS: Hart Pro Kit, with Td8, ect..

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  • FS: Hart Pro Kit, with Td8, ect..

    Got to sell my kit. Going to list links to the products, and also links to pictures. I dont want to sell, but I have to.. as always -we all have a story, lol.

    Anyway.. my email is [email protected] ( preferred communication method ).

    I will ship these out, but a pickup would be great if the buyer is in range.

    Front view : http://www.mellencamp.us/pictures/drums/P1010858.JPG

    TD8 : http://www.mellencamp.us/pictures/drums/P1010857.JPG

    Top Down: http://www.mellencamp.us/pictures/drums/P1010856.JPG

    Another View : http://www.mellencamp.us/pictures/drums/P1010855.JPG

    Directory of pics : http://www.mellencamp.us/pictures/drums/

    Hart Pages : http://www.hartdynamics.com/products...x.html#protoms

    It has a Roland Rack ( from a TD20 set - not sure.. see pics ).
    Vex double pedal.
    All cables ( plus extras, and splitters )
    Extra Cymbal - not seen in full kit pic ) 9 inch Ecymbal
    All clamps, stands, cymbal springs, ect included.
    Snare stand, vexpressions sound packs.
    Hi Hat pedal

    Everything you see and then some.

    All the Ecymbal II stuff are flawless, no scratches or discolored pads ( very much like new condition ).
    The one splash is an older one, but works perfectly.
    The other splash is beat on, it has stick marks ( its one of the plastic ones )
    The hats are in perfect condition as well.
    Heads are in very good shape. They wont need replacing for a while ( unless you destroy them, lol ). Im not a hard player and I play on my acoustics mostly.

    Hmm, well I cant think of anything else right now.. so here is the price.



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    Forgot to mention, this also includes a Tapco Thump .


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      wow this looks like a good deal. fyi, i think the rack came from TD12 kit, looks too small for TD20


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        Originally posted by naru6403 View Post
        wow this looks like a good deal. fyi, i think the rack came from TD12 kit, looks too small for TD20
        Thanks for the correction. I do believe you are correct. Sorry I was mistaken.


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            Someone got themselves a beautiful set of e-drums!
            Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute | Zildjian Ks


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              Got sad tearing them down