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"Nearly" a V-session for sale + KC500 amp

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  • "Nearly" a V-session for sale + KC500 amp

    My son has not touched his V's since he got a new DW acoustic kit - so the kit that I put together for him last year (and discussed on this board) is for sale. Paid over $4K total. Everything is in absolutely mint condition. Drum heads and V-cymbals look new. Will sell for $2650 with everything except the KC-500 amp or $2950 with it. I may part it out if there are no takers who can drive to San Diego to pick it all up.
    If I do part it out, here are the individual prices I'd like to get:

    Gibraltar Chrome Curved rack with lots of extra metal quick clamps, tom rods, module mount, extra cymbal boom - $200
    Roland FD-7 Hi Hat Controller - $135
    Roland set of 4 V-cymbals (2 CY14C crash, 1 CY15R ride and 1 CY12H hihat) - $750
    Roland TD-10 with the latest TDW-1 w/ V-cymbal support installed and manual - $1150
    DW7000 Kick pedal - $50
    Pintech CKV Upright Silentech Kick - $120
    Roland KC-500 Amp - $350
    Pintech AX14S - chrome 14" snare - $115
    1 Pintech CC102ST Dual zone Silentech - $85
    3 Pintech CC101ST Single Zone Silentech - $225 for all 3
    Tama Good quality double braced Snare Stand - $45

    E-mail [email protected] for pictures and more details. Shipping is extra and all subject to prior sale. Total package sale takes precedence as does local pickup! Thanks much. Howard

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    Any offers before I post on e-bay?


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      I sent a message to your email address. Please let me know.
      Using Hart MegaPro with Roland TD8, amped by Roland KC-500


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        A big thank you to the board, to Kreja for taking the amp and to Andrew for taking the entire set today. Appreciate it and happy drumming! Howard


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          Howard is DA MAN!!! Thanks for getting me the amp in a very efficient manner, and it has lived up to its billing... It is in Awesome condition and works great!

          Do they give Nobel prizes for selling stuff? Just checkin...
          Using Hart MegaPro with Roland TD8, amped by Roland KC-500


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            One day your son will regret not touching his v-set. But I have to say...What a Dad! I don't have much of a dad. Will you be MY dad and buy me stuff like that?? I'm in the market for a drum case dad..will you help me? So, I am 34, does that matter?


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              I've got three kids -all boys. This is enough (sometimes feels like 3 too many). Actually, the drummer is the youngest and a terrific kid. Everybody loves a drummer...

              ps -you are right, he will really miss the V's when he goes to college and gets an apartment.


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                I wish I had seen your sale sooner. I'm up here in N.County San Marcos. Were neighbors.
                Best of luck,

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