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TD-8 kit and Mackie for sale in UK

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  • TD-8 kit and Mackie for sale in UK

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    Could you kindly post me a full breakdown of what it is your'e selling?
    Cheers, Steve.


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      Steve.jo2 do you have an e-mail or anything. And what other info do you require? It is the TD-8 with the kick pad and four tom pads and a PD-120 snare pad on a stand. (Six piece kit) Three PD-7 pads. All on Gibraltar rack with Yamaha arms for the pads and Hi-hat and brain, and two Gibraltar boom arms. Pearl Eliminator pedal with four changing cams, and a Mackie SRM-450 monitor with a Mackie bag. I have all the original boxes, and the all the pads pack into two foam padded boxes for ease of transport. E-mail us on [email protected]


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        I'd take the PD120 off your hands if anyone wants the rest of the kit a bit cheaper?

        Presumably, one of your four toms is actually the PD80R? In which case that would be their positional sensing pad to use as the snare.