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Group Buy Wuhan Cymbals

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  • Group Buy Wuhan Cymbals

    Hey guys, Wuhan just sent out a price list of "Blow Out Specials." I am going to try to put together a group order to take advantage of the discount. If anyone is interested, please email me ([email protected]) and I'll send you the price list in Word format.

    The discount applies to an order or 12 cymbals or more. I was going to order 2 for myself, so if anyone is looking for some CHEAP prices let me know! There aren't any Chinas on this list, just crashes, rides, hihats and cymbal packs; traditional, rock and S series cymbals.

    I'm hoping to have enough people to order Monday and if more are interested than expected, maybe again on Wednesday or Friday. With the prices they are offering I expect they will sell out of some cymbals!

    Sorry, but I can't post the prices on here, I don't want to violate any MAP prices!!

    [email protected]