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looking for td6 kit

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  • looking for td6 kit

    I am looking for a td6 kit. I am new to the forum but have been browsing it for the past week or so and have been looking for a kit on here. But it looks like all the td6 kits that everyone had up just recently sold, just my luck haha.

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    Well I still have some components available:

    1 MDS-6SL rack w/clamps and cymbal arms
    1 PD85BK mesh snare
    2 PD-8 pads
    1 TD-6V module

    So if you're interested just let me know.


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      Check my for sale ad

      I have a td-6 kit for sale with extras
      1971 Ludwig Psychedelic Red Big Beat E-Kit


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        I PM'ed you last night I have now have put my TD-6S kit on sale here:

        I have lowered the price to $1050
        Drummer 4 Him,


        Yamaha DTXplorer kit