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    I looking for a TD 10 expansion CARD. Here, there, any where!!??
    open to all ideas

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    Occasionally, you'll find a listing on eBay offering a TD-10 with the expansion card for cash + your unexpanded TD-10. The guy that does this is JJdrumz. I understand that this cat is a member on this forum. You might want to do some searching around and see what the deal is. Here is his ebay profile: http://myworld.ebay.com/jjdrumz/

    This exchange + cash apparently is a better deal than buying that card outright. jjdrumz has 100% feedback so he is doing something right. Look him up.
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      I did this deal with JJ, and couldn't be more pleased. He's a completely standup guy that went the extra mile to make sure I was happy. I will absolutely buy from him again, and I don't hesitate to recommend him to others.

      You aren't going to find a TDW-1 expansion. The few rare few that pop up tend to fetch insane prices on Ebay when they do.


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        Getting tougher and tougher to locate at this point.

        You be better served doing the "buy a td10 with it installed and selling yours" thing.

        (I went through JJdrums! He did a swap for my module plus some cash. Worked out very nicely!!! He ususally has a line on them...get in contact with him..tell him you were referred by Vdrums!)

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          ...more or less.

          If you need the TD10 w TDW-1 though... it's a good deal.

          (Whatever he does with the module you trade is his buisness...)

          Basically you're getting a TD10 w/TDW1 for 300 bucks....which is what you wanted to begin with right?

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            I see your point...but you're getting a module back too...so I look at it as only the 300 (or whatever the cost is now) invested for the card.

            6 on one hand ...half a dozen on the other.

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              ...you're probably only looking at 500 for a td10 unexpanded.

              Still... it's a good deal without all the hassle of trying to sell yours for a decent price...waiting for a unit with a tdw-1 (if it comes around) etc.

              Your way saves you a few bucks definitely...but requires a lot more time and effort just to get back to where you wanted to be...which was a unit with tdw-1 in it. For the extra $50-100bucks (not including all the time saved...whatever dollar amount you'd attribute to that) it was VERY worth it...for me.

              Good luck with your purchase whatever way you go. (Obviously there are 2 strategies you can use listed here....figure out what works best for you and get back to playing drums!)

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                The $100 difference represents a recent trend upward in TD10 module pricing. Just a year ago, everything was, on average, a hundred bucks less than now. Just about every exp TD10 I saw went in the mid-$600 range, the unexpanded, mid-to-low $500.

                I can't figure it out.

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                  Nothing wrong with a little capitalism. I for one applaud it, as they buy whole kits and sell me just the parts I need at far less than they would be new. He's carrying the burden of the inventory, and he also has to eat the faulty parts. It's not all sunshine and roses, and I doubt he's gonna retire from it. Just a nice side business. I know dudes who do that with vintage BMX bikes too, and I don't begrude them one bit. At least I know where to find a part when I need one.


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                    I'm sorry if this thread doesn't make complete sense. Some people continue to attack others and destroy their chances at getting good deals and selling their equipment.

                    oldmandrummer - This is your last warning. Please stop attacking others about their prices, ads, auctions, sales, etc.

                    Thank you for your help in this matter,
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