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For Sale Kit Toys 10" TD-V2 Splash Cymbal

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  • For Sale Kit Toys 10" TD-V2 Splash Cymbal

    I have a Kit Toys 10" TD-V2 Splash Cymbal For Sale

    The Cymbal comes with the original anti spin bar and screw

    The rubber anti spin stopper shows some signs of wear but still has lots of life left in it.

    Otherwise this Kit Toys Cymbal Is in excellent shape a triggers just like the day I got it

    Also I will be including a brand new aquarian cymbal spring (med. red)

    $40.00 plus $8.00 shipping anywhere in the USA

    I will accept Payal
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    I can vouch for the quality of Kit Toys cymbals. I have a KT splash and china and they trigger perfectly and are VERY well built


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      Thanks Super Puss...They are great cymbals and only reason i'm selling it is because I want to save up for a Roland 3 zone CY-12 R/C for my TD-9S kit


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        If you were in Australia, I'd buy your splash


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          Man, if I hadn't just spent my budget replacing all my cymbals (including 2 new Kit-Toys 12" crashes, a CY-5 and a CY-15R) I'd be on this. Good luck on the sale and if it is around in 2 weeks, I just might hit you up.
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            PM sent.

            TD-12, DTX502, SD1000, EZDrummer, Diamond Drum 12" snare, S1000 toms/cymbals/kick, PCY10/100/135/155, CY-5/14, Hart Ride, Hart Acupad 8" kick, Epedal Pro II, Concept 1 pads/cymbals, SD1000 & Roland V Sessions racks, PD-7, Kit Toy 10" splash, DMPad ride, SamplePad, PerformancePad Pro


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              Sold To Grog