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More great Roland/Hart/Gibraltar used gear

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  • More great Roland/Hart/Gibraltar used gear

    Check this out......

    Roland kd-7 (less than a year old, perfect)
    Roland fd-7 (manual, original box)
    Hart Accusnare X dual trigger w/Gibraltar
    "rock" snare stand
    Gibraltar 350C rack w/2 side rails, 4 road clamps, 2 cymbal booms, and 1 mini boom (1 or 2 very small minor scratches, barely noticeable)
    2 Pacific DW 9x12 toms with 2 mylar heads each and 2 Hart Kontrol Screen mesh heads mounted with Hart Dynamics Acoustic Conversion Triggers...w/ Yamaha tom mounts and L rods...(plays exactly like acoustic toms, great triggers compatible with all Roland and Alesis modules....
    $150 for both toms

    accept money order, cashiers check and PayPal....buyer pays shipping on any of the above....

    for pix [email protected]