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Yamaha TP-60 Digital Tom Drum Pad Trigger TP60 TP 60

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  • Yamaha TP-60 Digital Tom Drum Pad Trigger TP60 TP 60

    This is a near mint condition Yamaha TP-60 digital drum tom/trigger. This rubber pad feels great and can be used to extend your DTExpress (1 2 3 etc.) set to have additional toms, or even if you have a higher-end set such as a Roland TD-12s or TD-20s, you can use this single zone pad to trigger other sounds.

    This auction is MUCH different than your typical listing for a TP-60. This one includes the original Yamaha single zone cable for attaching to your drum brain and ALSO includes the rack mount bracket pieces. Trying to find the pad AND the rack mount brackets can be tough so take this into account when bidding on this pad.

    Condition/looks wise this pad is 9.5 out of 10. Basically everything in this auction is good as NEW! Guaranteed not DOA in the USA.

    You get a very nice copy of the instruction booklet AND the tom will be in the original foam envelope.

    Check my other great auctions for an excellent condition Ludwig high-hat stand.