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Demo Hart Kit for sale - NEW TE3, Studio AT with Ecymbal II Package

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  • Demo Hart Kit for sale - NEW TE3, Studio AT with Ecymbal II Package

    Nice kit setup...custom factory demo...set has Ecymbal II package instead of the Series X... New TE3 technology...why wait 4 weeks for a new kit...this is the same thing...this kit brand new would run you approx. $1545 for the setup. Excellent condition - full factory warranty.

    I need $1250 for the kit.

    Let me know at [email protected]


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    Damn Damn Damn!!!! If only you had posted this 2 weeks ago, I woulda taken you up on it. I purchased a Hart MegaPro and as of today a rep at Hart told me mine should be shipping in "one and a half to two weeks".

    I'm new to VDrums and have been completely immersed in reading and browsing on ANYTHING to with these things as I wait. I am like a kid at Christmas time.

    SIGH.... Only 872 hours to go...
    Using Hart MegaPro with Roland TD8, amped by Roland KC-500


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