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V Session for sale

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  • V Session for sale

    I have a brand new...Hardly ever been played(I just didn't have the time) V Session Kit. The one that's Red. It also comes with 2 Humes & Berg cases(fit's all drums)a soft cymbal bag(fits all cymbals including hi-hit). A Roland PD-7 pad.Roland M-512E memory card.

    All for $4300.00. $3995 with NO extras(just kit)
    I live in Van Nuys CA. I'd rather not ship.
    Please email at "[email protected]" since I don't visit this site much.

    [This message has been edited by munkee (edited June 24, 2002).]

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    Hey... would you be willing to sell the cases separately? If so, how much?
    Using Hart MegaPro with Roland TD8, amped by Roland KC-500


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      still selling?

      let me know -