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Watch yourself on eBay

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  • Watch yourself on eBay

    Just a warning if you plan to sell stuff on eBay - their policies have gotten ridiculous. I just had an auction that was bid high and ready to sell pulled by eBay because I used the term 'like new' to describe a barely used item. Really ticks me off, so I figured I'd try to help anyone else listing with the advice: don't use 'like new', you will get burned.

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    That's just plain ridiculous but, to be honest, it does not surprise me at all.
    Ebay and Paypal are the same company and Paypal have a long history of screwing people. I have now been burnt by Paypal TWICE and have had my bank account and credit card totally blocked from their system!!
    The reason?.....

    I had a business importing and selling a unique tanning product which Paypal, in their infinite wisdom, decided was a medical product!! Go figure!
    Anyway, their action was to limit my account so I could not send or receive any more payments. After complying totally with their absurd requests for information, they still chose to keep my account limited, but they didn't stop there.
    I went to make a Paypal purchase a couple of weeks later using my credit card WITHOUT logging in to Paypal (no point because my account was locked) only to discover that not only have they limited my account but they have also totally blocked me from the entire Paypal system!!!

    I contacted them by phone to ask why such drastic measures were taken and they replied with, "Sorry, there's nothing we can do. This is a totally automated system and nobody at Paypal can override it!"

    Anyway, you can read many more stories, some much worse than mine, HERE


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      That sucks. Everything I sell is LNIB.
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        Nice one Alan Hopefully they don't start figuring out acronyms

        I have decided to give Paypal one last chance, only because it is the only widespread and convenient global payment system....(jeez, that sounds TOO much like an ad for them!!)
        I am setting up a new business bank account for my SuperPuss Music & Image business with a totally separate credit card and bank account from the one my last Paypal account was attached to. Surely they won't pull any funny business over an audio visual production business???!!!! Only time will tell. At least I'll be able to make purchases to support my V Drum GAS without constantly asking friends if I can use their Paypal accounts!!


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          It mostly boils down to luck as eBay relies upon users to report infractions. So I imagine someone bid, got outbid, and got mad so they reported me for using 'like new' in the title. What ticks me off is that it let me list it like that! So it's obviously not a major infraction, certainly not one worth delisting the item - but there you have it. I got the old "sorry for the inconvenience but not really" thing and I just have to relist it.

          I wish there was a real competitor to eBay so I could at least threaten to take my business elsewhere.


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            Originally posted by FlamThrower View Post
            .....I wish there was a real competitor to eBay so I could at least threaten to take my business elsewhere.
            I hear you completely on that!

            For Australian sales of upcoming CD releases on my label, there is an alternative to Painpal I'll be using for online transactions.
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              Hmmm, it makes me wonder if eBay is on the way down. I pretty much just use eBay now to buy about about 10-20 times per year for things that I don't worry much about quality (cheap things, I won't buy any expensive electronics again - I bought a car off eBay, and now I have neearly no confidence in it), and to sell my textbooks. Maybe I should try Amazon or Craiglist or something for selling.


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                Fun Fact: Ebay passwords are not case-sensitive.

                Totally ridiculous considering they say they're so concerned about security.

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                  Here's some more fun info on eBay.

                  They have changed their PayPal policy. If you are considered too 'new' or 'inexperienced' a seller, you MUST use PayPal. Everyone is considered too 'new' or 'inexperienced' - I have 40 transactions and still am required to use PayPal to sell.

                  If you use PayPal, you MUST accept credit/debit payments. Which - by happy coincidence - allows eBay to double-dip into your sale (as eBay owns PayPal). They take your listing fee, a percentage of the sale amount on eBay, and a percentage of the sale amount on PayPal.

                  So basically if you sell on eBay you are paying the listing fee, a percentage of the sale that scales based on total amount, AND a flat percentage and fee for using PayPal. In most cases you will pay 10-15% of your sale to eBay.

                  A complete scam.


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                    Yes, PayPal can be ridiculous at times. I won an auction on e-bay and PayPal decided that I couldn't use their service to pay for it, for some unknown reason. They refused to tell me why. They have no one to answer to... I couldn't believe I wasn't able to use my existing balance to pay for an auction I won. I was left hanging trying to help the seller understand why I couldn't pay for the auction.

                    The goofy thing is I went and created a new account for my wife and actually paid for the auction from her account. Go figure...

                    The auction was for a $1K light system. I received them as described and are still in use today.

                    Didn't e-bay purchase craigslist too?


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                      Originally posted by Jack_ View Post
                      Didn't e-bay purchase craigslist too?
                      only a portion:
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                        Originally posted by dschrammie View Post
                        thanks for the info!


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                          Originally posted by Jack_ View Post
                          thanks for the info!
                          no prob...now send me some cheese curds!!!
                          Stick twirling - because you obviously have mastered all other aspects of drumming already, right?


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                            Interest twist on eBay's ownership of Craigslist out today...

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