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V-drum parts, etc.

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  • V-drum parts, etc.

    Although many of you already are familiar with us, I thought I'd post again since it's been a while... :-)

    We buy and sell e-drum gear and we have lots of Roland V-drum parts as well as other major brand e-drum gear. Our complete inventory of gear is available online at www.drumbalaya.com with pricing and condition information. If you have any e-drum needs, please have a look and let me know if we can help! (Also note that we get new gear in frequently, so check back periodically as some more popular items sell quickly!)

    Drumbalaya! Specializing in electronic drum equipment.
    Ed Morin [ mailto:[email protected] ]
    Phone: 866-881-9313 / 425-881-9313 FAX: 425-881-6000 http://www.drumbalaya.com