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V-Pro/Pintech kit for sale

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  • V-Pro/Pintech kit for sale

    Musical instruments for sale:

    Roland V-Drums set $2,000
    Roland: TD-10 module, powder blue V-Pro rack, kick trigger, hat controller, PD-7 hat, PD-9 ride, PD-120 snare, PD-120 tom, PD-100 tom.
    Pintech: Two toms, crash cymbal, two Dingbat poles.
    Axis kick pedal.
    Gibraltar snare stand.
    Works perfectly and I really hate to have to sell it at a huge loss in order to get through the economic recession.

    Yamaha G-10 MIDI guitar controller set $200
    * Programmable velocity switch, channel per string, alternate tuning, etc.
    Fatar Studio 610+ MIDI keyboard controller $150
    * 5 octaves, semi-piano weighted, aftertouch, program changes, pitch & mod wheels, sustain pedal
    These two items do not make any sound on their own; hook them up to a synthesizer or computer via MIDI in order to enjoy hearing what you play.

    Roland SC-55 and E-Mu Proteus/FX sound modules with effects. They may have flaky power supplies, needing new wall warts or new power capacitors. $75 each or $100 for the pair.

    Two Opcode Studio 4 serial MIDI interfaces for Mac. 8 in, 8 out MIDI with convenient front and back panel MIDI jacks; SMPTE time code read/write. $85 each, $150 for both.

    Chris (503) 288-6465 home/message

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    I'm a student with just about 2000 bucks saved up to blow on a e-drumset (the only thing that will fit in my dorm room), and I am very interested in buying your setup. I tried calling, but no one was home, so i will keep attempting. If you havent sold it yet pleeze pleeze pleeze consider selling it to me, as i am dieing to play drums again. Thanks a bunch and hope to here from you.