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HART/VISULITE/TD-8 Kit on ebay

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  • HART/VISULITE/TD-8 Kit on ebay

    Check out item number 1510795890 on ebay.

    Starting at only $1900 you get...

    Roland TD-8 sound modual.
    3 10" Hart Dynamics mesh Acupad toms
    1 13" Hard Dynamics mesh Acusnare snare drum
    1 set of 14" Visu-Lite real action hi-hats
    1 14" Visu-Lite choakable crash cymbol
    1 16" Visu-Lite dual zone ride cymbol
    1 16" Visu-Lite crash
    1 set of gel filled head phones
    Everything is mounted on a curved Gibralter rack with side wings.
    All cables included.

    THIS SET IS SWEET! Every thing is in excellent condition! Just over one year old. Used only for bedroom practice and a recording session. Roland's TD-8 is the best sound modual in it's price range. Everything on this set is sensitive and tuff. The Visu-lite cymbals look great under stage lights. When not set up the whole kit will fit in your trunk. Do your reasurch, go to www.vdrums.com and read reviews about the brand names that make up this kit!

    The sound of this kit can't be explained. It's what ever you want it to sound like! The setings I have are great but you can wipe them and start over if you want. The kit sounds better every day. The more time you put in to experamenting with settings the better you will sound. The TD-8 manual is included.

    The Hart-Dynamics mesh pads feel like regular drums. The Visu-Lite crash cymbals are mounted with Aquarian cymbal springs for real feel.

    Also included is 1 Hart Dynamics hi-hat control pedal, and rack mounted hi-hat holder. The only flaws on this kit are an old Tama rack clamp (works fine but no handle) and an old hi-hat stand. (I used a rack mounted hi-hat so I never upgraded the stand)

    DONT BUY A BRAND NEW ALL ROLAND TD-8 KIT. This set up is much better! The brain is great but Roland's pads and rack are over priced! Roland's drum pads are small (8") even the snare. Roland's rack is crappy. Read about it at vdrums.com! For around the same price as a new all Roland kit you can have the power of the TD-8 brain with better pads and hardware. I built this kit to be the best!