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Canadian drummer seeks v-custom

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  • Canadian drummer seeks v-custom

    Is there any possible way that someone would have a v-custom kit for under $1800 american dollars, or am I dreaming. That translates into about $1 million Canadian
    Seriously, I will even settle for a kit with just one dual-trigger v-pad and a regular kick trigger for around $1300 american. I'll pay shipping. Where in Canada can I look for this stuff??

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    I am selling a highly modified Roland V-Custom kit with a Gibraltar Drum Rack on Ebay. I am asking an extremely reasonable reserve for this item, since it is in NEAR-FACTORY condition. You can email me with the link provided on the auction site if you have any questions. I would be more than happy to answer any you may have. I hope this helps you! The link to the actual auction site is printed below:


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      I posted a response previously, but thought you would want to see the new auction site.