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Exp. TD-10,pads,rack,........

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  • Exp. TD-10,pads,rack,........

    The whole shootin match.I got 5 hart accupads with the flame paint job(firefighter,I had to)pearl icon rack,hart ride,splash,and 14 choke e-cymbal 2's,2 kd-7's,fd-7,gibralter throne(unsure of the model#,but it's comfy)a 4 channel dr. fong amp,cabels,duct tape,wire ties....
    I have to retire from playing and recording.
    I hope they find a good home.serious offers only,please.E-mail me at
    [email protected]
    My wierd work schedule might take me a couple of days to get back to you,but I will soon enough.
    B K

  • #2
    Hey thanx.
    I am going back to school,and my work schedule is changing for class and clinicals
    so,time is of the essence.
    You guys get first shot at this stuff,even the people around here don't know they are for sale yet.
    B K


    • #3
      I want to buy some of your gear, give me an email...I tried to email you but got no repsonse...I'm interested in all of your hart E2's, along with the roland kick and hat [email protected]
      Roland V-concert, Hart e-cymbal II's, drumKAT, trapKAT, midiKITI, emu 5000 ultra, ddrum4, Gibralter rack


      • #4
        I would like to sell the whole thing if I could.
        Someone make me an offer for all of it.
        I'll try to post some pics soon.