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td-10exp for sale (or trade)

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  • td-10exp for sale (or trade)

    hi all -

    now that i have sold my pads and cymbals and will be using triggered acoustics, i am not in need of such a deluxe module. it is clean and in excellent condition (although, i have to admit, i put the tdw-1 stickers a little crooked ).

    $1200 takes it for sale (shipping within USA included), or $500 and trade for a td-8, or $850 and trade for a td-6. if i don't get any offers it will go on ebay this week.


  • #2
    shoot. i guess in the trash it goes ... any takers before i toss it?


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      I know the "stickers" was a joke as most would not mind BUT if someone does, Roland sells them separately. They sent me an extra set no charge when I messed up the first batch. The part # is 40347012 and is simply called "label".


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        thanks for the info, cliff. i sincerely hope that whoever owns my td-10 next does not find my sticker job so bad that they deem it necessary to order a new set, but i'm glad that failsafe exists.


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          One of my labels fell and stuck on the display area. By the time I got it removed, it was unusable. I called Roland and had a new set of labels in 4 days. No charge even though I told them it was my goof.


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            Originally posted by c. jude:
            Poor digits is trying to sell something and my smart-arse quip has diverted the focus. Sorry.
            actually, your [email protected] quip most definitely gave this thread 10x more eyeballs then it would ordinarily have had. consider it a favor, even if the module does go on ebay!

            for now, it's still around, and since i've had no offers, i knock $100 of the price (or equivalent trade). any takers?


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              going once, going twice, going on ebay tonight .... (homeboy from v-drums never emailed me back)


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                Hey Digitsone,

                Do you still have the TD-10 module that you mentioned in your post on vdrums.com? If so, I would like to discuss a possible trade for a new TD-6. Please contanct me as soon as possibe, because our possible transaction has a determining effect on a buying descision that I have to make soon.


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                  wes - check your mail.