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Yamaha DTX2U Module for sale...

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  • Yamaha DTX2U Module for sale...

    I've put my DTX2U module for auction up on eBay at the following link...

    Bidding starts at only $149 with NO RESERVE. Item is in EXCELLENT condition and includes all manuals.

    NOTE TO MODERATORS: If this message is not appropriate for this BB, please let me know and I will no longer post auction items in the Classified Ads section.


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    Originally posted by c. jude:
    This is a Vdrums forum, and a forum is a community of give and take not just take, but at least he is polite.
    :-) You're right...it is a VDrums forum...but I figured the Classified Ads would be the exception...since it's common for individuals (particular those on this site) to mix and match hardware from several vendors.

    And I've noticed others selling non-VDrum hardware in these Classifieds as well.