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TD-6 module for sale

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  • TD-6 module for sale

    I'm selling a Roland TD-6 drum trigger module on eBay. Click here to go there. It's a great-sounding module. Used it less than a week before deciding I'd rather have a VST plug-in. It's virtually new.
    - Bertrand Russell

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    Why are you selling it? It looks like you just bought it in December for $395....Is it working okay?
    Roland TD50x
    Acoustic- Spaun drums, Gretsch Drums & Paiste Signature Series cymbals.


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      you must have sold it already, it is not on the ebay as of this date and time 0900est.
      If not sold please give correct number to pull up on ebay.


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        It is there now 9:48 est. on Jan. 7.


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          okay I found it thanx


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            Yeah, I just bought it, took shipment on it, plugged it into my MIDI rack, and ran some sequences through it. It's a great sounding module, but the way it has its kits arranged I was going to have to re-write all my MIDI rhythmn tracks for it. I figured if I'm going to have to do that, I might as well buy a soft module - it's cheaper, and I can be specific about what sound is assigned to what note, thereby rewriting the module rather than the sequences. There may be another way of beating that rap, but my postings here and on other forums have so far turned up zip.

            This TD-6 is absolutely like new and works flawlessly . . . if you're a drummer and you're going to plug triggers into it, this is a good deal. I'm not a drummer and won't be buying triggers, so my loss is your gain. Already have my VST drums coming . . .
            - Bertrand Russell