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FS: TD-7 Components/Rack

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  • FS: TD-7 Components/Rack

    Hey All,

    I have several TD-7 components available:

    (1) TD-7 Module (non-Turbo), Excellent Condition w/Manual & Power Pack. Would make a nice back-up (or add-on) to other Roland or Yamaha Modules.

    (8) PD-7 Pads, includes dual-stereo cable. Used condition - head & rim trigger fine.

    (1) FD-7 Hi Hat Pedal - Used, but in Excellent Condition.

    (1) KD-7 Kick Trigger - Used, but in Excellent Condition.

    (1) TD-7 Rack - Excellent Condition. Includes module mount, (2) cymbal arms, and (6) pad mounts.

    E-mail me directly if you are interested. Thanks!

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    Fellow V-Drummers:

    I decided to list the items separately on eBay!

    I've made a couple of changes since my original offering on this V-Drums site:

    The TD-7 rack is now being sold without pads, mounts or cymbal arms...components such as MDY-7U cymbal arms & mounts and MDH-7U pad mounts will be available soon on eBay.

    Also, the KD-7 kick trigger is now being sold with a drum pedal...

    Happy Holidays!