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V-DRUM PRO KIT (with extras) FOR SALE - Seattle,WA

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  • V-DRUM PRO KIT (with extras) FOR SALE - Seattle,WA

    I'm going back to school and very sadly must sell my kit. I wanted to give you guys a chance before I put it up for bid on Ebay. They're in great condition. Played infrequently, and only in the studio. Will send pics if interested.

    -One TD-10 Sound Module
    -Three 12" PD-120 V-pads
    -Two 10" PD-100 V-pads
    -Three 9" PD-9 dual-trigger pads
    -One 7" PD-7 dual-trigger pad
    -One FD-7 hi-hat control pedal
    -Two KD-7 kick drum triggers

    Also Included:

    -Original Manual
    -One Memory Card
    -One Roland TSC-10 trigger (w/clip)
    -Two Pearl P-101 Kick Pedals (in great condition)
    -COLLARLOCK rack stand with all mounts and clamps needed
    -All the cables needed ( 1/4" mono and stereo cables)
    -Two MIDI cables
    -Custom Heavy Duty case with key lock and heavy duty wheels for transport

    It's all here. Plug her in and you're good to go.

    Asking $3000.00 (doesn't include shipping)


    [email protected]

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    Let me know if you don't find another buyer as I'd be happy to make you a cash offer for your gear.

    Drumbalaya! Specializing in electronic drum equipment.
    Ed Morin [ mailto:[email protected] ]
    Phone: 866-881-9313 / 425-881-9313 FAX: 425-881-6000 http://www.drumbalaya.com