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Roland Studio Set on eBay

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  • Roland Studio Set on eBay

    I have placed my near-new Studio Set V-drums on eBay. You can see my auction at http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI...tem=1480667350

    I will answer any questions at my email address : [email protected]

    Thanks group. Peace.


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    ...you should get a pic up - it likely will result in higher/more bids, especially if the kit is in good shape. Pics did me well when I auctioned my mint-condition KC-500 a while back and more recently my Gretsch jazz kit...just my $.02
    E-drums: TD-20, RT-5S triggers on snare/toms, KD-7s, VH12, CY-14Cs, CY-15R, Pintech splash.
    A-drums: Zickos (amber) w/ all Zildjians.


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      Jimmy is on the money with this one. I sold my stuff on Ebay before I got my digital camera. You can do much, much better with a pic.
      On a separate note, you may have fared better offering them here first. No auction charges and a bigger audience of VDrummers...
      Roland TD50x
      Acoustic- Spaun drums, Gretsch Drums & Paiste Signature Series cymbals.


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        I added a picture. I thought I had done that but I guess I didn't. Thanks.

        Hey, if there are any readers who want to make an offer through this board I will listen. Just trying to get them sold anywhere I can.

        Thanks guys.


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          Adding a stock roland photo is not really what they mean. People want to see what they are buying. If you don't have a scanner or digital camera, a lot of places will develop your film on a cd. Pictues make a ton of difference on an auction. Also, start the bid lower. If the set is in good shape, it will bring what it's worth. Everything in an auction matters. You get better results just by what is for sale at the time and what day/time your auction ends. nothing is insignificant.


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            OK, I have heeded all advice. My own pics and a lower starting bid. I hope you're right.

            Now go buy them!



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              $1,400.00 !!!!

              I think I should have got a commision