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FS (US) Electronic Drum Kit Accessories $100

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  • FS (US) Electronic Drum Kit Accessories $100

    Hi all,

    I got some extra cables and such that I don't need.

    - 9 TRS stereo cables, 1/4'' jacks. These are in various lengths. Included is a short cable intended to go between the top and bottom hihats.
    - 3 TRS extension cords, fits 1/4'' jacks. Perfect for the pads far away from your module.
    - 1 TS cable, 1/4'' jack. Works for any electronic instrument.
    - 2 Microphone cables (I don't know much about these, XLR?). One is XLR to XLR. The other is an XLR to 1/4'' jack.
    - 1/8" TRS to Dual 1/4" TS Mono Stereo Y-Cable Splitter cable
    - Yamaha TP65 single-zone electronic pad, great condition. I actually have two but would like to only sell 1. If you REALLY want the other one, I guess we can try to make that happen.
    - A few pieces of hardware to mount pads onto a Roland rack, rack clamps and L arm attachments.

    Check out the pictures on my photo album:

    I would like to sell everything as a bundle for $80 + shipping. I suppose I can sell things separately, but that will depend on how much interest this generates. Feel free to PM me!
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