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Roland VH12 F/S $250

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  • Roland VH12 F/S $250

    I have a Roland VH12 for sale . I am asking $225 plus shipping ( US sale only ). I bought this new and have used it with no issues at all . The unit triggers like new and looks great . I am only selling due to i recently found a VH10 for a great deal and i donít need two hihat pads. I used the VH12 with my TD20 and my Pearl Mimic Pro . I had always heard the VH10 or 11 worked better with the Mimic Pro so I bought the VH10 when I had the chance . I really donít see allot of difference , I do think the VH10 works better with the Mimic but if I was still using a Roland Module I would keep it . I have the original packaging that the module was shipped in . The only thing that is missing is one of the hihat keepers ( it was shipped with 3 ) . I have 2 , one small , and one I was using thatís fits a DW5000 hihat stand . I am including an extra jumper cable for the connection between the 2 pad, it was a backup cable . I have the original hihat clutch and manual . I donít have the 2 TRS cables but I could probably find a couple if itís a deal breaker . I am sure I have the 3rd hihat keeper also and if I find it I will ship it also .US sales only please . Shipping from Virginia probably around $12 depending on buyer location . Thanks for looking . Not sure why the photos look blurry but when you click on them they are not blurry ..
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