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Looking for a module exchange Mimic Pro for TD-50DP

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  • Looking for a module exchange Mimic Pro for TD-50DP


    I realized I miss my TD-50DP setup (especially the snare and ride) and simplicity more than I thought I would. I am looking to doing a straight trade of the following:

    (1) One Mimic Pro Module
    (1) ATV Snare 13" Black
    (1) ATV 18" Ride


    (1) Roland TD-50 Module
    (1) Roland CY-18r Ride
    (1) Roland PD-140 Snare

    In other words the contents of a Roland TD-50DP package.

    My mimic has all the VEX Expansions which I will of course include with the module. I can also send more pictures of the items mentioned via email as this forum does not seem to like high quality pictures. The items circled in red are the items I will include in a possible trade.


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    wow, good luck.. about an aD5 and a Drumit5 ..for a Mimic module ? (just asking)


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      HI Eric,

      Thanks for asking... I just really want the 14" digital snare back and the digital ride. I had one and sold it to buy a Mimic and though I really like the Mimic sounds, I just don't want fiddle with trigger adjustments and such for those sounds. I don't record or gig really anymore, I just play ay home for the pleasure of playing.


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        You might contact as he takes trade ins and sells all the items you have and want.
        I could tell you where to stick that piezo! ;) Mega Kit: Pearl Mimic Pro ,2Box modules,drums and cymbals too many to count. VST quality sounds directly from the Mimic and custom sounds loaded into and played directly from the 2Box modules. Visit me anytime at:


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          Thanks JmanWord,

          That's my backup plan if I can't find a straight exchange...