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FS(US): ATV aD5 MINT w/$200 in SoundStore instruments ($750), aD-T13 FloorTom ($399)

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  • FS(US): ATV aD5 MINT w/$200 in SoundStore instruments ($750), aD-T13 FloorTom ($399)


    ATV aD5 FREE SHIP US: $750 OBO
    ATV aD-T13 FREE SHIP US: $365

    I'm selling two MINT condition aD5 electronic drum modules from ATV. They come complete in retail box with everything, including mount, cable snake, memory card, power cable and retail packaging. You won't be able to tell these aren't new! They were used casually in smoke free home setting. The module and cables are new condition, with no dings, dents or scratches. They have the latest firmware version (1.33). NOTE: The power adapter comes with multiple attachments to accommodate different power supplies around the world, and I lost the US dongle so I used an aftermarket one (see photo).

    BONUS: EACH MODULE INCLUDES over 45 EXTRA instruments which I purchased from the Sound Store at over $200 cost! DON'T DELETE THESE from the module as you will have to buy them again to use!
    • SEVEN SNARES: LwWood S14x7/MtBrass S14x4/LwMapleMt S14x5.5/LwSpPhonic S14x5/PlRefBrass S14x5/DwMaple S14x5/YmBrass S14x3.5
    • SIX KICKS: PdMapleHd K22x18/LwClassic K22x14/LwMahogany K22x14/PlRef K22x18/DwMaple K22x18/NcCdMaple K22x18
    • TWENTY ONE TOMS:LwMch5 T16x16/LwMch5 T13x9/LwMch5 T12x8/CnRfMaple T16x15/CnRfMaple T14x13/CnRfMaple T12x8/CnRfMaplT10x7/PlRef T16x16/PlRef T13x10/PlRef T12x9/PlRef T10x8/DwMaple T16x13/DwMaple T14x11/DwMaple T12x9/DwMaple T10x8/DwMaple T08x7/NcCdMaple T16x14/NcCdMaple T14x12/NcCdMaple T12x10/NcCdMaple T10x9/NcCdMaple T08x8
    • THREE HIHATS: ZjK H14/BpFat H14/PiTwenty H14
    • NINE CRASHES:BpTradMthin C17/ZjKconst C18/PiSigChina C20/PiSigSplash C10/ZjStackedSplash C11+8/SaAxOzone C18/Pi202China C18/PiTwenty C18/PiTwenty C16
    • FOUR RIDES: IsML Sizzle R21/BpTurk R21/ZjKconst R20/Pi202Power R20
    • FOUR PERCUSSION:SwWoodBlock M/RtMonkTambourine/UnSalsaCowbell/UnBrzCowbell
    If you'd like to review my 100% EBay feedback please search for "so_fl". I listed these on EBay and Reverb, but I'd love to have someone here enjoy these and will offer them at a lower price here.

    I'll ship FREE FedEx Ground to US. Paypal only please, and I'll only ship to confirmed PayPal address.

    I'm also selling ATV aDrums artist 13" Floor Tom in MINT condition. $365 (sorry for the discrepancy, I can't change the post title) with Free US FedEx Ground Shipping
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